Monitoring Battery and Voltage on IRIS+ upgrade

I’m somewhat new to the quadcopter world. I bought an IRIS in June 2014 and have been very successful a flying it since then. Recently I purchased an upgrade kit and installed everything successfully and then installed the latest firmware and installed the latest Mission Planner software.

I have been successful at flying the IRIS+ in all the different modes and I’ve also tried the new droid 3 program with the follow mode.

My only problem is that I don’t believe the battery usage is correct. I turned on the battery voltage and amperage monitoring. That was the first challenge. So many possible setting in Mission Planner.

During flight the battery % drops very quickly but the voltage stays up at acceptable levels (over 11 volts). I’ve been using the same 5100 MAH battery that came with the IRIS+ upgrade. I also tried an existing Zippy 5000 with similar results. My flights tend to be very short. Maybe 6 minutes before the battery drops down to less than 20%.

I did a couple tests. I brought the IRIS+ back and had it loiter close to the ground and in my yard until the battery % went to 0 and I kept it flying for another 5 minutes for sure and the voltage was still over 11 volts. I really think I have way more battery left than the monitor is showing. I have no cameras attached. Just the IRIS+. One other variable. I’ve been flying with temperatures around or below freezing. It’s still cold in Vermont. Nothing I can do about that.

So - Can anyone make some suggestions to me on getting the battery monitoring function working correctly.



Post your param file, or the dataflash logs. I guess you settings are not right for current monitoring