Mission with only two items - takeoff and land. will it work?

I’d like to use a mission with only two items, takeoff and land. I plan to let the plane takeoff and climb to it’s preset altitude. once it does, I’ll switch to FBWA and fly it for a while while wearing FPV goggles. I plan on then lining it up for a landing and when I think its on a safe approach, I’ll change back to auto mode and let it do an auto landing.

I think this should work just fine - anyone see any problems before I make a plane-shaped dent in a nearby tree?

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I’m going to bet that once the take-off portion is done (assuming the two items are in the same location) the plane is going to crank around and try to land and most likely overshoot. So you’ll need to be on the ball with the mode switch.

I would suggest using the auto-takeoff flight mode, because then it will orbit as long as you want, and then setup an auto mission with your landing profile. I would have at least two waypoints for the landing, one to set up the approach, and the second as the actual landing point.

All that said, if you try your method I’d love to hear back how it does. I’m mostly interested how the plane would handle a single landing waypoint.

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