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Mission With Landing Followed by Takeoff

(Seth Poh) #1

Hi all,

I am trying to execute a mission that does the following:

Arm -> Takeoff -> Waypoint 1 -> Waypoint 2 -> Land -> Delay 5s -> Takeoff -> Waypoint 3 -> RTL

When I ran the mission in simulation (SITL). The mission just ended after the landing.

In actual flight right after the second takeoff, the vehicle proceeded very slowly to Waypoint 3.

I remember executing a similar mission on Copter 3.4 and it worked. I am wondering anyone here has observed this behavior before and have a possible explanation for this?

Unfortunately I don’t have the logs of the flight with me at the moment. I will facilitate the logs as soon as I retrieve them.

Thank you.

(Dave) #2

Set DISARM_DELAY for longer than your Mission Command delay time. This will work in SITL anyway and I have run similar actual missions although none recently.

(Seth Poh) #3

Yes you are right. There is now a parameter COM_DISARM_LAND that determines how long after a landing has been detected before the vehicle disarms. Now that it is set to longer than my mission DELAY it seems to work fine at least in SITL. Thanks for the suggestion.

(Dave) #4

That parameter is in the PX4 flight stack not Arducopter.

(Tony Atma) #5

About parameter “DISARM_DELAY” you can set 0 to make it never Disarm. But I think for safety reason, I suggest we never set it 0. This is interesting issue if we can do take off after landing in one mission program. Can we really do it in Arducopter and also in Quadplane Vtol???

(Dave) #6

I have done it many times with Arducopter. Basic functionality.

(Tony Atma) #7

Can we do it both with Vtol Quadplane and Arduplane (non quadplane)???

(Dave) #8

I’m not familiar with Vtol Quadplane, see what you can accomplish in SITL. Arduplane doesn’t have a Delay Mission Command. There is a CONDITION_DELAY but that delays DO commands.