Mission set-up for high-altitude drop down (No takeoff)

Hi, I am currently working on a project where we will rise a glider up in the sky by the mean of a balloon filled with helium. A release mechanism will then release the glider nose-down. The glider will then recover and start flying according to the pre-set path in Mission Planner. Note that the glider does not have any propeller, we really need it to only glide all the way down… I was wondering if it is possible to set-up a mission in Mission Planner where there is no Take-Off step since we don’t need one? And also, how could we set the first step of our mission to be a command conditions to wait until it reaches a certain altitude and then activate the servo to release our glider? Thank you

There’s actually a flight mode to support this (it even wiggles the servos to stop them freezing on the way up).
If you look for details on the LOHAN project it may be useful.

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Do you know which flight mode allows that? How is it called? Thank you