Mission question

Ok, I braved my first mission the other night. Set a few way points to test keeping it very close and at a 2 meter altitude in case I needed to dump it due to an issue. It went well, a bit nerve racking but well. My question is, when it gets to each way point it abruptly stops, then turns and heads to the next way point. I do have a wait 2 seconds before next way point. M question is, is there a way to slow down the brake rate so it is more gradual then sudden ? I am very new to missions, but really eager to get them right. Frame is a reptile 500 ( discovery clone ) running sunnysky 2216 800Kv 11x4.7 props, 30a simonk esc’s. APM 2.7.2 board and neo 6 GPS.

There is a parameter called WPNAV_ACCEL which controls the accel/decel rate. It defaults to 100 cm/s/s, which is about 0.1G. This is normally fairly soft, but you could try setting it to 50.

It’s also possible that you are using waypoints that are very close together, and it’s tripping up the navigation controller.

They were very close together… within about 15 feet of each other… I will try it again on a larger scale when I have more room to work with, and more day light… it was my first mission, so I kapt everything close in case a problem showed up. Thank you for the reply. I will look at that parameter and see what mine is set at.