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Mission Planner vs Qgroundcontrol for copter 4.1

I don’t have much experience using the qgroundcontrol, and I need to decide from now on, If I am going to use either Mission Planner or Qgroundcontrol in my project, that is using copter 4.1 beta 5.

So far,the QgroundControl has a better resume mission function than Mission Planner(I know it has the rewind mission function, but I couldn’t make it work using the sitl from mission planner).

Mission Planner I believe it has much better compatibility with ardupilot and has great support from community.

Other than that, I don’t know which one has more advantages.

So for the more experienced users of the forum, which is one is better?

Mission planner is a very good tool. However, personally, I do not like the app for tablets or mobile phones. Under that scenario, Qground control can be a better alternative. Actually, it is very handy for doing sensor calibration outdoors or on big drones for that reason. For the simulator and even for the Lua scripts, which may benefit from the REPL and the MAVFTP, Mission planner is better. I would use QGC for flying and missions on field, and for developing, configuring and simulating MP. APM planner is also very good if you use Linux since sometimes MP does not look pretty when you run it using mono and some features do not work correctly. That say, MP is only a good alternative if you use Windows though it may kind of work also on Linux fro certain things.

PS: I have never tried MP in IOS

Mission Planner doesn’t run under IOS. Android is supported.

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I guess MP is Best Choice.

I need the same answer for our drone. We will join a competition about UAV detection and tracking. And I have no idea which GCS we should pick. (Additional info: our plane will fly fully autonomous with the help of a companion computer and dronekit library). I’m open to any ideas

there a lot of variables , we cant help unless you give more info, like are you going to use pc, or smartphone, or a tablet, which os are you going to use.

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