Mission Planner v2.0

Just completed assembling my first quad copter. Trying to get educated on Mission Planner. Two problems:

  1. Several reference talk about changing the units to feet and miles. But I can’t seem to find the correct location in APM Planner v2.0.15. Somewhere in Configuration/Tuning I think. Can someone tell me how to change the units in Mission Planner Version 2 ?

  2. I did find several tutorials on using Mission Planner, Flight Plan but they refer to Version 1 which is different. Can someone point me to a tutorial or some detailed directions / examples of how to do autonomous flight planning using Version 2 ?

in mission planner (mp), go to config/tuning>planner.

on this screen you should see Dist Units and Speed Units.


Thanks for the guidance. On my second question, I looked on the forum and found several builders with the same question about info on using Mission Planner 2. And at the end, someone figured out you can enter waypoints by double clicking on the map ! Just what I was too stupid to figure out myself. But it does indicate other new guys are looking for a tutorial or something similar about Mission Planner version 2.