Mission Planner V 1.3.46 Ruins APM 2.8 /w Ublox M8N Accuracy

Making a new quadcopter with a APM 2.8 flight controller using a Ublox M8N GPS.

Mission planner upgraded me from V 1.3.45 to V 1.3.46 as I loaded the Firmware on the APM 2.8.

Prior builds (using the M8N) GPS accuracy in Loiter rock-solid. All of a sudden (after the Mission Planner 1.3.46 upgrade)… The drone flies off as soon as Loiter mode is engaged. Multiple hardware (and configuration) checks & changes, with no progress.

Then noticed in the Mission Planner 1.3.46 change log… Ulblox “driver update” ?
Reverted the Mission Planner back to V 1.3.45. Reloaded the Firmware… Problem (GPS accuracy) resolved.

The series of events (in my mind) confirm that Mission Planner 1.3.46 has a problem with the accuracy of the Ublox GPS.

Others discovered the same ???

Thanks, Jack

I have the same problem. Who can help us? Frantisek

My Friend.
I change all the cables, check connectors, restart Note-book and all work!
I will try do the same!