Mission planner support usb camera on Raspberry?

Im new to ardupilot and raspberry pi, I want to use my usb camera on the raspberry for live camera feed. However, I couldn’t find any info on if the camera feed would show up on mission planner like it does with raspberry pi camera module. let me know if anyone has achieved this and how?
Thank you in advance for the help!

Sure, as long as you’ve configured the Raspberry Pi to output the video stream in the correct format.

Software like Rpanion-server (I’m the author) can do this.

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ohh okayy thank you very much for the quick reply. I am really new to this whole thing apologies for dumb questions. But with the rpanion-server i can connect a raspberry to a pixhawk all that mavlink to mission planner? but i need a linux based system?

Rpanion-server will forward the video and mavlink telemetry to other users or endpoints in the network.

Pixhawk -> Raspberry Pi -> Network -> Your GCS Computer


i can use Raspberry Pi imager to write the Rpanion-server onto the sd right? also from what i understand, The Rpanion-server is all i need to put on my raspberry pi to make it work yes? no?


Rpanion-server will alow you to configure telemetry (MAVLink) and video streaming to your network.

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