Mission Planner Showing Ridiculous Readings APM 2.6

I have an APM 2.6. I was told that I need to install version 3.2.1 of the firmware of Mission Planner into it so I did. The firmware downloaded successfully and I am able to connect with the COM port, however when I see the flight data, the readings are super wonky. The image is attached here: imgur.com/uxHOHC4

Before I could move the board and the Mission Planner would reflect it on the Flight Data simulation. Now it’s not registering any movements.

There was also a weird issue where the red LEDs wouldn’t turn on when connected via USB, and because of this, APM would not connect via COM on Mission Planner. I fixed this by cutting the power cable of the USB and connecting the board to the battery first (Where the red LEDs did turn on) and then via USB. It connected.

I’d like to know what is causing this. Is there more information I should provide?