Mission planner servo control

Hello, I want to move the mg90 model servo up to a certain angle value while autonomously controlling it in the mission planner. For example, first 60 degrees, then waiting for a while and another 60 degrees from where it left off. How can I do that?
I would be very grateful if you could help.

In Mission Planner on the Plan screen click on the map to create a waypoint then click the button โ€˜Add Belowโ€™ to add another point and use the drop down to DO_SET_SERVO and set the Servo number to whatever pin itโ€™s connected to and the PWM to correspond with 60 degrees increments, then add a delay (in seconds) then another DO_SET_SERVO to the desired position. The PWM setting depends on how far the servo moves end to end and scale that to 1000-2000 PWM - hope this makes sense !

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Thanks, got it. I will try this. I hope it will work.