Mission Planner - Geotagging doesn´t work proper


I need to geotag some images I´ve recently taken. The fact that I stoped the camera during the flight makes me using the “time Offset” instead of cam meassage. Since to GPS date is strangely 1980 the offset is 41 years and so. But anyway - I identified the offset to one second. The problem is: no matter what offset I type in (as long as it is within some dozent seconds around the real offset), it always tags the images with an “offset” / shift of 5 Images / ~500m to the same wrong place (I hope it is understandable). I can exactly match the events from the logs to the single images, but sadly it seems mission planner can´t as the geotagging tool using offset doesn´t work properly. Sadly the gpx-tracks can´t be used in other geotagging software such as geosetter. So I depend on that tool… Anyone who can help please??


Does no one has an idea?

-which software versions. Please always use the latest available versions. Can you post a parameter file?

Thanks for your reply. It is the latest version 1.3.74 build 1.3.756… What parameterfile do you mean? The offset is 1297296018 seconds. But the software place the images wrong. I try to show it on the attached image. When I change the last digits of the offset, nothing happens to the wrong taggings.


Does no one have an idea?