Mission planner flight plan

Hi everyone,
I would like to plan a flight by using mission planner. However task that i need to plan is a little bir different than usual flight path/plans. It is that my drone must just descend with different certain velocities rather than moving around after takeoff.
For example;
Firstly; my drone must begin its mission in the mid air because it will be released from certain altitude. For example drone would be released from 500 meters high. The flight that i have to plan is that drone must be descending with 10 m/s(downward) until it reaches 200 meters altitude and it needs to maintains its altitude for a couple of seconds. Than it needs to start descend with a another velocity such as 6 m/s(downward) until landing is completed. In this mission the only important things is drones altitude and vertical velocity. There is no need to control or prevent drones movement along horizontal axes( so it means it can move forward or backwards and right or left).
I know i can plan flight plans by using mission planner. However, most of the sources show how to move a drone in a certain path. (Firstly drone take off and moves to next checkpoint and so on).
My question is that, are there any way to plan a flight that controls drones only altitude and vertical velocity and according to these data performing landing.
To summary my drone need to perform these steps;
1- It will be released at 500 meters altitude.
2- Drone must be reaches 10 m/s (downward) velocity and maintain this velocity until reaches 200 meters altitude.
3-As soon as drone reaches 200 meters altitude. Drone must be maintain its altitude for a couple of seconds. (for example for 10 seconds)
4- After fixed altitude, drone must start to descend with 6 m/s (downward) until it reaches ground level.
5- Finally; drone must perform a landing.
I would like to be sure that, this mission can be plan by using mission planner before i start to learn how to use mission planner.
I will be glad if you guys help me gain some information about that.