Mission Planner Basic, Extended, Advanced Pages for Traditional Helicopter Tuning

From the Traditional Helicopter Tuning Wiki:

Do not use the Basic, Extended or Advanced Tuning pages that are designed for multi-rotor aircraft. These pages will make unwanted setting changes to traditional helicopters.”

Is this statement still true? Has anyone captured what aspects work and which ones don’t?

No I don’t think so. It has been a few years since the tuning wiki was written and we added a heli set up page. But we haven’t touched the basic or extended tuning pages. I would have to look at them to see if they contain all of the parameters needed to tune a heli. Don’t use the basic tuning page. That is definitely not designed for heli. The extended probably could be used for heli but doesn’t contain the VFF parameter which is a key param for heli’s. Plus it hasn’t been updated since the filters have been split out for the gains.

I haven’t touched the advanced Params page much.

Is there a plan to update the Wiki ?

What part of the wiki? Are you talking about the heli tuning page? Please be more specific.

OOPS …thought it was clear … the heli tuning part :slight_smile: