Mission Command Order - 'Control Mount' and 'Wait for Yaw' commands

I am fairly new to using ardupilot and I have recently been testing out a new drone our company purchased. We are flying the Aurelia X8 drone with a Blue Cube and Herelink radio system onboard. We are currently writing some scripts to automatically generate a Mission file to fly a circle around a center point and stop and take an image at regular intervals. I believe we have squared away the proper way to do this but I ran into an issue that I am still confused about.
During the mission I would like to send a command to my gimbal to tilt downward at a specified angle. Then directly afterwards I want to Yaw the drone to face a certain direction. I am flying my mission using GQC and the two commands used in the mission file are the “Control Mount” and “Wait for Yaw” command. For some reason if I do the Wait for Yaw command first, then the Control Mount command, the Yaw command seems to be skipped and only the Control Mount command works. However when I switch the order of the command and do a “Control Mount” first and then the “wait for Yaw”, it handles both just fine and acts as expected.
Can someone please explain why this is the case? I think I’ve solved the issue but I just want a better understanding of the behavior I am seeing.