Missing parameters after installation - ArduPlane 3.9.1

Today I wanted to set up my Pixhawk for getting the RSSI from my receiver, but I could not find the parameters I was looking for in the full parameters list or tree. The only parameter related to RSSI I could find was “RSSI_TYPE”.
After searching for a while, I decided to look in the standard parameters view. There I had a few more things (RSSI pin, min and max value…) but still not what I was looking for (RSSI_CHANNEL).
Then I went back to the full parameters list, and the settings were all there.
I never went to the standard parameters view before, I did everything from the full parameters list.
So I think there is a problem with the parameters initialization at the firmware installation, everything is not initialized as it should, and it’s only when you load the standard params list that the missing parameters are initialized. That’s my guess anyway.