Missing Events in Listeners dronekit

I’m using dronekit and using event listeners to keep a track of camera mode (Video/Image) and Recording Status. This is because I didn’t find a way to identify the modes. So I’m keeping track of the commands that I’m sending and changing the modes if they are successful.

But I observed that my listener is not receiving all events. Is this a common issue? Can it be Fixed? Is there a frequency setting that I need to change?

Mavlink is not a lossless protocol, some packets do get lost.
Your code needs to retry sending a command a second time after detecting that the first time it did not work.

Is there any call that I can make to identify the recording status of the
camera in video mode?

I know there’s one to identify the status of the camera if it’s in pic mode
or video mode. I couldn’t find one for the status of the recording.