Missing Bootloader Driver?

First time user here. Successfully setup and flown 2 tricopters, one with KakuteF4, one with Matek405Std. All good. So my next conversion is a tricopter with KakuteF7. Loaded the code with bootloader and can connect to Mission Planner. Discovered I needed to move some of the PWM resources around, so rebuilt the code. I can point to the new .apj file, the board appears to switch into bootloader mode (LED flash rate changes to a faster rate), but Mission planner complains no response from board. Windows 7 device manager shows a problem with the KakuteF7 bootloader driver. Where can I find said driver? Been unsuccessful with Google searches.

Poking around some, the same problem exists for the KakuteF4 and Matek405Std, no bootloader driver.

Thanks in advance!