Minipix from Radiolink+Traxxas Latrax Rally 1/18 + Joystick. The Traxxas Ez-set Esc does not work

Hi, I am new here…

I am using a mini Pix from Radiolink+Traxxas Latrax Rally 1/18 + Joystick.

What I am trying to do is to manual control the RC car with a joystick via telemetry, without transmitter and receiver. All the warnings like GPS, Compass…are disabled.

After tried many times, It seems working, I can use joystick to control the steering servo, but the motor does not work. After made some research, I found that the Traxxas ESC seems TOO smart, if it does not detect the receiver, it will start to blink and the motor does not work. I suppose my setting is all right because of the servo works well, I can use Joystick to control it.

What should I do now? buy a new esc?

If I control it like normal RC car way, connect the esc to receiver, the ESC stops blink, and works fine. So I suspect the ESC can detect the receiver. When I connect the ESC signal cable to miniPix, it starts to blink, just like when ESC deos not connect to the receiver.

I think it is about throttle neutral adjustment, the esc need confirm the throttle neutral position, but I do not have transmitter and receiver connected to miiniPix…

see the bottom of this article, same problems