MinimOSD Setup with Pixhawk


I have Quad setup with Pixhawk, Telemetery and MinimOSD. Telemetry and MinimOSD is connected in Pixhawk Telem1 Port using Y connection wires.
Pixhawk Telemetry MinimOSD
+v +v +v
gnd gnd gnd

Camera is connected 5.8G Video Transmitter.
Telemetry is able to connect Mission Planner and getting all the reading and status from pixhawk.
MinimOSD is able to get overlay before ARMING pixhawk. After ARMING pixhawk the OSD overlay getting freeze. But video is streaming working fine.
Can anyone help me, understand my problem and how to fix my problem.


I am not sure how you are powering the minimosd, but if you are not using the pixhawk to power it, give it a try. It sounds as though it is getting power before the pixhawk has a chance to boot. Unlesss I am mistaken. a pic would be cool

Hi wootenelli

Thanks for reply and help. I am powering both telem radio and minimosd from pixhawk telem1 port 5v. Video side of minimosd power from my 3 cell lipo 12.6v also powering video transmitter. I am powering my quad 3 cell lipo.

Steps involved to get reported problem:

Connecting main battery 3 cell lipo to quad.
Pixhawk getting boot and beep.
Mission planner connected via 915mhz radio.
Mission planner Show SAT lock, battery volt and current in HUD
Video feed from gopro camera streaming with OSD overlay show in Fpv monitor.
As of OSD overlays is working fine.
Now I am arming pixhawk, then OSD overlay freeze.
But mission planner HUD working fine.

I want fix OSD overlay freeze problem.

What config is minimOSD? FW, Character set, etc.?

Hi tamfly3245,

The original Y cable from 3DR is 5 pins and the Pixhawk uses 6 pins, you might find some useful information in this post:

Also try the “Enable Telemetry” button in initial setup, optional hardware, OSD.