minimOSD forcing disconection with APM

So I’m having a problem with this setup of mine.

I’ve installed a minimOSD by splitting my 5V GND and Rx cable that is going to my 3DR radio(Tx from telem and Rx in the radio and now minimOSD).
When I turn both radios on I have a solid green light, indicating a established link, but I cannot connect with Mission Planner, no heartbeat. The minimOSD also is a no no.

When I unplug the minimOSD cable, I’m able to connect with MP with no problem, but once I connect the cable back into the minimOSD, the connection drops and I’m stuck with no heartbeat in both of the systems.

I’ve tried to enable the minimOSD within MP but I have no tick box or any display that I have enable it.
Is there any other parameter that I’ve should use to enable both of the systems?
Why is my Y cable a problem for my radio to connect ?