MinimOSD anyone

Hi, I tried the search but no luck.

I have read a lot about minimOSD and I am a bit confused. There are 3 hardware version; various firmware; it have 2 different sections that need two power supply, or there is a version where you can solder 2 points to use only the power from Pixhawk.

If someone has already a simple and working setup for an IRIS+ and a Gopro 3, I will be glad !!

I bought this: … 1439.l2649

and I plan to setup it as in the second picture, here: … tart_minim

but it say “(for v. 0.1 and 1.0 only)”. I think my version is 1.2, can I still use the solder point and only +5V ??

Another question, I have read that to connect the MinimOSD on pixhawk you have to remove the cable that goes to the USB port on IRIS shell… then I have read elsewhere that you can use an Y cable and keep both USB and MinimOSD connected. Someone can explain?

thank you

I think you have a little work ahead of you then.

You didn’t say what transmitter your going to use to send the video. That will more than likely need 12V to power it. So you might as well power the MinimOSD with that 12 volts as the transmitter supplies this.

Your second problem is you need a Y cable as on the IRIS+ the telem2 port is used by the transmitter to return telemetry data. So you would have to get the OSD data from Telem1 with a Y cable. You could disconnect the Telem2 and use that if you don’t need the data on your Transmitter. You would have to reconfigure that port to use it that way.

As far as a Y cable I did not see one on the 3DR site that would work. They only have one for the APM board which is a DF13 5 position cable instead of a 6 which is need for Pixhawk.

You also need a Y JST power cable and the GoPro video cable.


Hi Iseries,

thanks for your answer. I plan to use a Boscam 200mW transmitter, it is simple and cheap. I have already used it on my QR X350 Pro and the same Gopro, so wiring is not a problem, at least for JST power and Gopro video Out.

My only problem as I say, is the minimOSD. Do you think that I can find that 6 pin connector somewhere ?
So the only hard thing is build an Y cable with Pixhawk 6 pin connector ?

BTW, ISERIES, do you have minimOSD ? Can you post a drawing of your connections?

Thank you !

I purchase FPV kit for my installation.

This gave me this cable: … or-pixhawk

That plugs into the Telem2 port.

I also used this cable: … ale-female

This goes between the Transmitter and the MinimOSD board and supplies the Video, and 12 Volts.

I also used this cable: … ideo-cable

This goes between the GoPro and the MinimOSD board inside pins.


Thank you, my friend.

I already own the third cable, I can build the second, I have to buy the first.

Just let me repeat my old question, this setup (second picture): … tart_minim
is OK for IRIS ? Is what you are using ? Or your setup is like the first picture (and why) ?

Thanks again for your precious help !

Mine is like the first picture without the battery and no 12Volts to the GoPro.

I used the Y power cable that runs the gimbal and plugged it into the Video Transmitter. The video transmitter then supplies the 12 Volts to the MinimOSD.


Thank you!

I will first try the second solution as it gives less heat, then if i get a noisy image I will switch to dual stage power setup.

Just another question: looking at the right part of the wiring diagram: the 2 connections for GND and +12V are the same ? Are they connected or separated, on the minimOSD board ? If not connected,which do you use to feed +12V to minimOSD ? The inner or the outer ?

From your words, I imagine you have this setup, please confirm !

Thanks again

The GND and 12 Volts are the same. So GND is ground and 12 Volts is 12 volts and does not matter which one you use. Only the Video In and Video Out are different.

Since I used the 3 wire cable between Video Transmitter and MinimOSD I used the outer pin.