Minim plus 3.3 volt Tx


I’m new to the subject. I’m connecting APM 2.6 to Minim OSD with 3.3 volt 433 mhz 3dr radio. I cannot see where there is a 3.3 volt supply on the Minim- all I can see is 5 volt!
I would be grateful for help on this please.

Hi keithjohn100,

The voltage to power the 3DR radio and the minimOSD is 5V, and this is the cable to connect both devices to the APM’s telemetry port: … -2-dot-5-6

Unfortunately we don’t sell the Y cable for the V1 telemetry radio, but you can make a Y cable.

Thanks to last reply, have got my brain around minimosd to 3DR(5 volt) y leads. Now though, I cant see how the 12 volt camera links up to this setup - I see the minim osd 12 v rail and the cam connection (pos, neg and signal), but where does the output to 3dr tx occur (as the 3DR is already on the y lead)?