Minim OSD Overlay Changes Upon Bootup, No Video, Parameters

I am having problems with my APM 2.6 and MininOSD. I have read through the forums and have found no answers. I am running an APM 2.6 with the new updated APM Planner. I have flashed the MinimOSD with the newest Extra firmware. I have set up my overlay just like I want and once I plug in the battery, I see MinimOSD Extra 2.4 flash up. The overlay is just like I set up in the Config Tool, but then it changes to a bunch of unreadable overlay info all across the screen. Also, no video feed either. Parameters in APM Planner default upon re-opening, also. Followed the wiring set up from here: … e_Diagrams. Using an Immersion RC TX. Lots of problems, no answers on here. Please help!!!

A couple of questions for you.

  1. Have you ever had this setup running on any version of FW?
  2. Did you update the character set at the same time?
  3. Which version are you using MinimOSD_Extra-R800?
  4. Which Immersion RC TX are you using?
  5. After the OSD boots and you have an overlay, how long does it take for the screen to get all jumbled? 6) If you remove the OSD and plug the camera into the TX directly, do you have video?
  6. Are you using NTSC or PAL and have you manually set the video format on the OSD config to NTSC or PAL?
  7. MinimOSD is very picky about the power on the video side, how are you powering he OSD?

There are a lot of possible causes for the no video problem but the most common causes are either wrong format or low voltage.
If you can, add a copy of you config file as well as details about your equipment with operating voltages. A description of your wiring setup, a picture or a diagram would be useful as well.

Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

First things first, I was able to solve the video problem. I was also able to solve some of the OSD overlay problems. Still stuck, however.

1.This is my first attempt at OSD. I have been flying FPV for some time now, however. Getting longer flights and further from home has directed me to needing OSD.
2. I did update my char set, but it didn’t change anything.
3. I am using Arducam CT program with MinimOSD Extra Copter 2.2. These are both old and probably outdated, however this is the only way I was able to keep most of the OSD working properly without being garbled.
4. I am using the Immersion RC 5.8 600 mAw. I have used it for a while and it works great. I actually changed the VTX to my Fatshark TX just to eliminate any potential VTX problems.
5. The screen was being garbled once the GPS began to lock. This was fixed by running an older version of the firmware.
6. The camera will transmit video now if I work without the OSD.
7. I am using NTSC and I have manually changed that in the CT program.
8. I am using a BD board, which has 12 v out and ground wired in. I am running wires directly from those plugs into the OSD. The other side is powered by the 5v coming from the Telemetry port on the APM 2.6.

I can go to the lengths of showing you all my wiring etc, except through some troubleshooting I have concluded it is definitely a firmware issue. Right now, my biggest problem is some of the items I am selecting in the CT program will not show up on the OSD in the Fatshark goggles. To be specific, Home Direction, Distance from Home, and RSSI. Sadly, these are the most important items to me, except for the battery info (which is working great.) Any thoughts on getting these items to overlay properly (or at all) would be great! Thank you for your time and effort, it is greatly appreciate. I am apparently in way over my head here.