Minim OSD does not load properly, displays weird charachters


New to APM / Arduplane / MinimOSD coming from Cyclops STORM / Tornado, which is much easier for me to set up. I am struggling getting the MinimOSD to work with the configuration I have.

[size=150]Here are photos of the OSD’s output:[/size]

  1. When I use my 3 position switch to change flight modes, the OSD changes views
  2. The OSD displays a ton of weird characters, I am using R800 which I found on FPV lab

I updated the character set and the firmware to what was included in this zip …
Username: MinimOSD_Extra
Password: Top_Secret

  1. Uploaded the “Character_Updater_FW.hex” file (not sure if that is the right thing to do)
  2. Uploaded the “MinimOSD_2.4.0.2.mcm” file.
  3. Uploaded the “MinimOsd_Extra_Copter_R800.hex” file
  4. Used the CT tool form the “MinimOSD-Extra_R800” folder to update the settings, Config, Panel 1, Panel 2
  5. I updated the SR0, SR1, and SR2 (duplicated the SR1 parameters)