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Mini Talon QuadPlane Conversion

(Greg Covey) #66

The flying field was too busy with people, RVs, and campers this weekend for experimental testing so I flew my Ranger with the normal wing set to gather logs and just hover tested my mini Talon flying around an auxiliary runway.

I was happy to see that the current draw when hovering was only about 32 amps or 8 amps per motor. Combined with my air cooling, this should keep the 30amp ESCs relatively cool.

This first image below is from a shorter 50 second hover in my backyard. The second and third images are from the longer 2 minute hover at the field. This should represent my longest hover period in a normal or autonomous flight.

(Greg Covey) #67

The ThrOut graph shows that I have plenty of power to spare.

(Perth UAV - Sam) #68

Looks like you’ve maybe “overdimensioned” the quad setup? :wink:
Hover amps looks good, you’re saving about 2A per motor in comparison to the 2206 6" setup, so you can hover longer now. If your QP propulsion temps are good it’s time to transition! :smiley:

(arruntus) #69

Looks like that pitot tube is like the one that sells HK which is where I bought mine. I’ve only found this one.

He’s fine, but I don’t like him being so fat on base. So far I haven’t found anything else. It will be a matter of modifying it. That the bottom tube comes out at such an angle complicates things.

(Greg Covey) #70


If the drag of my 3-blade props seems excessive, I can try some HQ 9" 2-blade props and see where the ThrOut sits. But I think you’re right, it’s time to transition!


Thanks for the link! That is the best holder I have seen that covers the tubes. I am a bit surprised that no manufacturer has these for sale and you have to resort to 3D printed ordering.

(Greg Covey) #71

After testing my hover capability, I decided to anchor the forward angle of the motor mount for safety with a small screw that was tapped into the carbon tube.

I also bought a Multistar 4s 8AH pack that weighs around 22oz (624g) to replace my test packs (2s 6AH in series) that weighed the same. The packs fit snugly under the front nose section for a perfect balance.

(rollys) #72

The Eagle Tree Airspeed MicroSensor V3 is compatible with the Pixhawk. You’ll just need to make the wiring harness to plug into I2C port. PoBoy’s pitot tube mount is streamlined enough and works well.

(arruntus) #73

Looks pretty good. I chose one with a connector for the Pixhawk and one less problem. The problem is that the tube mounting parts vary depending on the sensor. A little more, when I get the 3D printer to see if I design one that fits this type of sensor well that one of the connectors has it in a lot of angle. I tell you when I make progress.

(Greg Covey) #74

I hadn’t seen that AS sensor and mount before so thanks for posting!

(Greg Covey) #75

My first two tests of the mini Talon QuadPlane were very successful! In the maiden flight 1, the only issue I saw was that Q_ASSIST_SPEED was too high at 18m/s so I lowered it to 17m/s on flight 2 and it was much better. I’ll need to determine my stall speed to set it properly but I’m not really seeing an issue at 17m/s. The mini Talon is very stable in hover (QSTABILIZE) and forward flight (FBWA).

(rollys) #76

NICE!!! Congratulations… and definitely a successful maiden transition flight.

  • Was the slight rocking in level flight FBWA trying to keep it level?
  • That slight quad motor forward tilt surely makes her scoot forward during hover.
  • What was AUW on this flight?

(Rolf) #77

Congratulations. Fantastic !

I have some similar questions. I think you have a 4s-Battery, what is the current consumption while hovering and while flyingin in FBWA mode with cruisespeed ?

Regards Rolf

(Greg Covey) #78

Thanks, guys. The mini Talon sure flies like a rock so I can see why it is a popular choice for FPV.

My MT QuadPlane weighs about 5.6lbs (2.5kg). Both my 4s 6AH and 4s 8AH packs weigh about 22oz (623g).

Yes, the rocking in FBWA was the wind and thermals rising from the fields. It was about 80 degrees F outside.

I still need to get used to the plane and pull back the stick a bit on take-off and transition back to hover mode but they are still quite graceful. The MT scoots along nicely even with the added drag from the quad rotors.

I’ll pull my logs today and get some numbers…

(Greg Covey) #79

This is the maiden flight of the mini Talon QuadPlane. Everything went well except for the quad rotors kicking in a bit too early with Q_ASSIST_SPEED set to 18m/s. You can hear when the quad rotors kick in on the video. I am not sure what my stall speed actually is but changing the value on the next flight (previous post) to 17m/s seemed to eliminate the issue.

(Greg Covey) #80

Yes, I use a 4s 6AH pack and a 4s 8AH pack. Both packs weigh around 22oz (624g). The 8AH pack is Multistar.

I will try CRUISE mode on my next flight test. My current settings are ARSPD_FBW_MIN = 16 and ARSPD_FBW_MAX = 23m/s.

The first graph below is in FBWA mode. You can see the AS sensor and GPS speed track closely on a calm day. The forward flight current draw was about 15-16amps at 17-20m/s. (Red = Current, Blue = GPS Speed, Green = AS Sensor)

In hover mode below, the current is around 33amps or 8.25amps per quad motor.

(Perth UAV - Sam) #81

Brilliant stuff Greg!
That’s the way to fly a Mozzie!! :slight_smile:

From memory I did tell you to set the Q_ Assist fairly high until you find out what your actually stall speed is, given you didn’t crash having a higher speed setting didn’t hurt at least. I’d gradually decrease your Q_Assist until you find the stall speed out, or avoid flying slow. :slight_smile: What size and brand forward prop do you have on it atm, forward amps seem a bit high?

(Greg Covey) #82

Hi Sam,

Thank you for the help! I’m using an HQ 10x5 prop. I’ll try setting Q_ASSIST_SPEED from 17 to 16 next. What are the characteristics of a MT stall? Does it just drop the nose until it picks up speed or does it spazz out?


(Perth UAV - Sam) #83

It was a pleasure to help…and interfere!
Thx for the feedback.

The Talon paticularily likes to tip stall on banks, which results in a
spiral dive that needs a kick in the rudder and some aileron to recover
from. The short lever arm of thr tail doesn’t help much. Just have Qhover
handy to bail out of it otherwise.

If you’re running the same Cobra motor we’re using I’d expect a significant
improvement in forward current with a higher pitch prop. We use a 10x8
Aeronaut. I’d expect you to get around 7-8A at the same speeds with your QP
version. The MT only needs about 400g of thrust to overcome drag in cruise,
but that level of thrust needs to be at the correct pitch speed.

(Rolf) #84

Thanks Greg,

Just to compare the magnitude of efficiency with our Tri-Tiltrotor-VTOL “Mozart”:
( Tiltrotor support for plane )
Approximately 2,5 kg, with 4s 3700 mAh Hover 35-45 Amp,
FBWA: 10,5 Amp at 15 m/s , Stall little bit<9 m/s
(3x DYS BE2814-700kV, Propeller 12x6 front, 12x5 rear)


(Greg Covey) #85


I just happen to have a black Aeronaut 10x8 Carbon Electro prop here so I’ll put that on for the next flight test…thanks!