Mind of its own

Hello all, this is my first Hexacopter. Whenever i put the throttle up a tiny bit, enough to spin the props, after about 3 sec of not touching the throttle the motors will start to go faster and flip the copter. Note: the copter is on a flat surface the whole time. How do i fix this?

Thank you for your help.


Oddly, I saw this very same behavior only 2 days ago and the fix was easy. Hopefully it applies to you.

Is your APM Installed in the correct direction?

A buddy of Mine I was helping a couple days ago was experiencing this EXACT problem and asked me to help him sort it out. After looking at things for a bit I looked and realized that his receiver wired entered into the back side of the APM (Oriented to intended forward directiion of flight) while mine connected to the front edge. I took pulled off the APM, and set it back on it’s velcro facing forward (He had covered up the forward arrow with a piece of velcro), took it outside and test flighted it… Problem solved.

If your APM is installed backwards you will experience exactly what you are describing.

Hope that helps!


Thank you Nate, the APM was pointing in the correct direction. I found out that all the props needed to be rotated to the right once. Stupid me. Thanks for you help.