Micro OSD V2 Pixhawk 4 mini , no RSSI visible

I have been setting up a Holybro Pixhawk 4 mini on a plane. I have a Holybro micro OSD V2. I would like to display RSSI in the OSD. This is an option in the configuration software. The OSD works with my video transmitter.

I have a Taranis x9D+ and FRSKY 8XR receiver using SBUS to the Pixhawk. I have the Taranis set to output RSSI to Ch8 and Mission Planner configured to RSSI_CHANNEL 8 and RSSI_TYPE 2 so it reads the RSSI from the SBUS.

In Mission planner HUD I can see the CH8 PWM values fluctuate and RXRSSI follows the RSSI on the Taranis.

However, although I can configure the OSD screens for other parameters using an FTDI, such as adding the heading rose, I cannot find a way to get the RSSI to display. Yes, that option is ticked in the configuration utility. The RSSI icon doesn’t appear, nor any value.

I suspect there is something very simple I have overlooked. It bothers me that I have to select RxRSSI in the Mission Planner HDU to see the RSSI display there. Any clues on how to get this to work would be greatly appreciated.

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