MFE Striver Mini VTOL flip on takeoff - Plane 4.1.2

Hi friends,

I need help. My MFE Striver flipped on a 5th test flight during VTOL takeoff. I am using the parameters provided by MFE. This particular build exhibited unstable behavior in the pitch axis in QLOITER mode right from start. The link to the log file is below:

This is my 4th MFE striver build and the rest 3 are working flawlessly with the parameters provided by MFE. I have no idea why this one flipped over on VTOL takeoff. I will appreciate any feedback from the community. Thanks,

I had a look at log 13.BIN. It looks like your rear-left VTOL motor did not spin up on the 2nd takeoff. The VTOL controller tried to compensate but really didn’t have a chance.
I’d also note that there is a lot of noise in your gyros. You need to go through the harmonic notch filter setup:
I also note that some of the basic VTOL parameters are not set. See this guide:
I will chat to MFE about improving their basic parameters.

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Thank you @tridge. I appreciate your response. I will follow the instructions to improve current settings.