Measuring currents beyond 90A with a 2P battery setup

I’m in the process of building a large hexacopter, with a potential current draw of up to 180A. This will be provided by two four cell batteries wired in parallel.

I’m aware I could simply use an AttoPilot 180A sensor, and I may have to order one if I can’t find an alternative, but the shipping from America to my location is slow and expensive.

My question is whether I could place the 3DR power sensor in series with a single battery, between the battery and the power distribution board:

I’m sure there will be a small additional load due to the shunt resistors and power regulators on the ‘metered’ battery, but I’m hoping this might be negligible. The readings the meter gives will also be halved, so I’ll need to set the battery capacity config to 5,000mAh, and double the current draw to get the true reading.

Any thoughts or feedback?

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Sorry Stefan, I thought ‘General’ was a general forum for arducopter, and didn’t realise there was a dedicated section for power module hardware.