Maxbotixs I2C Issue

Hi all,

I’m Having trouble with the Maxbotix 1202 ultrasonic sensor plugged in through the I2C port.

For Some reason The Pixhawk is always up with “BAD LIDAR HEALTH” message when the rangefinder_type is set.

On the ground the range that i’m getting is consistent and close to reality but has an abnormal readings, when i’m flying the range is stuck on the minimum reading (~0.25 m).

The solderings are good (there is no short circuit) and according to this image:

The sensor is plugged through an I2C splitter selling by 3DR and the external magnetometer works good.

I’m running copter 3.3.3 but this problem occurs in other versions like 3.5 (the last stable version)

I did a short hover in my house just to see the difference between the Maxbotix and the baro, so I’m attaching this log.
The full paramter list is also attached.

The sensor model is this:

Thanks and have a great day.

ParamList.param (8.5 KB)
1.BIN (720.0 KB)