Maxbotix I2C Range sensor parameters?


I try to get data from a maxbotix i2c sensor. I ordered the type described in the manual here:

I set the type to 4, other params to 0 or -1, but I’m not getting any data trough the MAVlink inspector.
I tried different combinations with added addresses and pin numbers, but to no avail. Has anyone done this? How can I debug this?

I’m using a navio2, raspberry pi, ArduPlane 3.7.1. The i2c airspeed sensor works fine.

I used an analog rangefinder before, which worked fine. The digital one doesn’t even seem to ping. You can normally hear it if you listen closely.


Solved it by trial and error:

  • I found out that you have to restart ArduPlane for range sensor params to take effect
  • After restarting it several times this was the setup that worked:
    RNGFND_ADDR = -1
    RNGFND_PIN = -1