MAX and MIN RX RSSI value

Hello everyone,

Seeing in Ardupilot PARAMS, I found that it possible to adjust MAX RX rssi value and set a RSSI_PIN for load rssi value.
I have several legacy Thomas Scherrer LRS systems working on now with ardupilot. My rssi values are between 0,5 – 1,5 volts (aproximately).
Maybe a new PARAM (MIN RX RSSI) could be a good thing for make rssi reads more accurate.
In MininOSD Extra project (derived from ArduCAM OSD), the actual code and Config Tool makes easy adjust rssi values for visualize it then in OSD.

I think best is that Ardupilot will make possible those adjusts. More accepted range of RX means a more universal device.

Thanks for your effort.

Regards from Spain,

I agree

Hello everyone,

This is solved with pull requests #1603 and #1604.
Hope it pass the developers review and they merge them in master soon…