MAVProxy SITL Swarm

Hi everyone!

I’m very new to MAVProxy and drones in general (so bear with me here). The goal is to get three instances of MAVProxy running and testing via SITL. I’m running into quite a few problems but here is the big concern:

I want to use different wp files for each drone in the swarm and I’ve changed the SYSID_THISMAV but whenever I load a new wp file, the old one gets overwritten and the previous drone will follow the new wp file. Is there any way to set different wp files for each instance of MAVProxy?

If there is no viable solution for this using MAVProxy, does anyone have any recommendations?

The hardware of choice is a PIXHAWK.

Thanks for your time!

How are you loading the waypoints into each SITL drone?

In the terminal, I’m using the command “wp load nameoffile.txt” There is also right clicking on the map and loading it that way.
Are those incorrect loading options?

Looking through the source code, MAVProxy will be uploading the waypoints to all vehicles it’s connected to.

Does appear to be a bug, because MAVProxy does not appear to check which system ID to send the waypoints to. Would be worth reporting on MAVProxy’s Github repository.

Sorry. I’m new so I’m not sure where exactly to go for that if you know where the link to that is.

Sure. You can add a new issue here:

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