MAVProxy crashes Python when trying to load map

I can start up a SITL copter and connect to it with MAVProxy. However, when I pass the --map flag to my mavproxy command, my Python crashes. Is this a version-incompatibility issue or something else?

I’m running Python 3.8.4, dronekit 2.9.2, dronekit-sitl 3.3.0, MAVProxy 1.8.20, pymavlink 2.4.8 on MacOS-Catalina. What are your thoughts/suggestions? What versions are working for you?

Start dronekit-sitl in one terminal:

dronekit-sitl copter

Connect with MAVProxy in a second terminal: --master tcp: --sitl --out --out --console --map

Python poops itself.

Do you get a stack trace?

Run MAVProxy without the --map. Once MAVProxy has started, type in set moddebug 3 and then module load map.

The resulting error messages should help diagnose the issue.