MAVPROXY and SITL Simulator setup issues

I followed Ardupilot instructions and Installed MavProxy, Cygwin64 on Windows 10 machine.

Also following this video

When I am at this step, I get this error message;

Asim T580@Asim-Laptop-Main ~/ardupilot/arduplane
$ -f quadplane --console --map --osd
-bash: command not found

Why is not finding command?

is it a path issue?

First time attempting and very new to it, so I am lost in the wind…

On windows 10 WSL is the way to go, anyway ../Tools/autotest/ ect should work. You can also connect misson planner using tcp and start the sim up with --no-mavproxy

AAAARGH …should I be using these steps…

Should I uninstall everything I just installed :slight_smile:

if its working i wouldn’t stress. Cygwin is a little more limited in what it can do, but for building and testing the main vehicle codes it basically makes no difference.

if its occupying a lot HD space I will get rid of it… Any special procedures to follow while uninstalling it…

Still same error;

Asim T580@Asim-Laptop-Main ~/ardupilot/tools/autotest
-bash: command not found

Directory contents show the file exist…strange

Also, within Mission planner, if I am using TCP, what would be the IP address to use? Default is and remote is 5760 which technically should work…

Sorry, very new to all this…


So first I guess I have to set " First set up SITL for use with TCP .

In Mission Planner connect to SITL by selecting TCP and then the Connect button. Enter the remote host and remote Port of the machine running SITL . Mission Planner will then connect and can be used just as before."

Now how do you do that? :slight_smile:

have you installed python? With Cygwin you have to manually install the list of stuff on the wiki in the Cygwin installer.

The default mission planner IP and port are correct.

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dah…using a different laptop the lab one has python for windows. Totally forgot…lol

by the way is the SITL server down?

I can’t run simulation under MP…

Working fine for me, latest MP beta. You have to install python inside Cygwin.

Linux doesn’t typically add the current working directory to the search

I believe our environment isntall scripts typically do add that autotest
directory to the path.

In this case you want to specify, "run from the current
directory, lile this:

./ -v ArduCopter


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There is a script at /ardupilot/Tools/environment_install/install-prereqs-windows.ps1 that will automatically perform all the required steps to install and configure Cygwin,