MAVProxy alternative on Raspberry Pi Zero W

I can run MAVProxy on my Raspberry Pi Zero W but it eats up over 90 % of the CPU time and
the connection does not work well (flight controller does not respond to parameter requests using the MAVProxy terminal, for example). Is there a way to run MAVProxy that requires less CPU time (e.g. by running it in some sort of stripped down mode?) I am trying cmavnode as an alternative, but unable to get it working even with APSync (see separate post: APSync cmavnode UDP heartbeat and other packets not accepted by client PC when MAVProxy UDP packets are accepted: why?) My goal is just to use the Pi Zero W as a way to connect the flight controller to as 4G USB modem connected to the Pi Zero W (next step).

Try mavlink-router ( - it’s much lighter on resources and well developed. I use it on pi zero with minimal overhead.

That’s great, trying it now!
I have it running on a pi zero, it connects to Mission Planner on Win8 over UDP (wifi on LAN).
But it does not download the parameters.
I found it only works on 57,600 Baud. (My flight controller is Omnibus F4 pro running Chibios Ardupilot 3.9.2.)

Would you mind telling me the details of your setup that works with the Raspberry Pi Zero W?
I.e. do you have Mission Planner on Windows over wifi connecting to the flight controller or some other configuration?


So you have to connect to the flight controller at the same baud that the FC telemetry port is set to. I think they’re normally 57 (57600) by default, although normally we change that to 115 or 921 for faster comms.
mavlink-router is nice because you can set a range of baud rates and it will cycle through them until it gets a successful connection - in Maverick (which is an alternative system to APSync), I set a range of common baud rates in the template, so connecting to a raspberry is pretty much plug and play - it might useful for you to peek at it:

mavlink-router is nice also because if you set LOG_BACKEND_TYPE=3 it will save you dataflash logs on the raspberry, so you don’t have to keep dragging them off the FC SD card :slight_smile:

Thanks. That is EXTREMELY useful!
I LOVE that feature to auto select baud rates, works GREAT!

I still cannot download parameters when connected from Mission Planner Win8 to Ardupilot flight controller with Rpi Zero W running Mavlink-Router.

I will keep trying, and try it on a RPi 3 and let you know what happens.


I replaced Raspberry Pi Zero W with a new one.
Mavlink-router works like a charm!!!
The old one was broke.
I think I broke it when connect 5V logic from flight controller to 3.3V logic of Raspberry Pi Zero W without a level shifter.
Rest of the community be warned, don’t make this same mistake or you will destroy the UART hardware on your Raspberry Pi Zero W!!!


what comands should I type in the rapsberry to save my dataflash logs?