Mavlink won't connect to MiniPix

Have MiniPix V1.2. Was for JCZK 300 helicopter. Mavlink will not connect. MP says need firmware. How to do this? I am using the RadioLink WiFi connection. USB is broken on the board. Need boot loader and method.

The method would include using a USB connection to update the bootloader and firmware.

Recommend a new flight controller, preferably not from Radiolink. The wiki warns against the use of MiniPix with ArduPilot firmware.

Yiri, I have connection with the WIFI telemetry adaptor from RadioLink. The MiniPix is v 1.2 which does communicate with MissionPlanner just fine. It’s internal USB connector is broken, but the WiFi method works fine. But, somehow the multicopter firmware is corrupt and needs to be re flashed. MissionPlanner reports “no heartbeat”. I need to use a DFU program to directly re flash the firmware. Can you help.

I don’t think you can flash anything over that connection.

your best bet is to temporeraly solder a usb breakout board to whatever is left of the usb pads and traces and flash it that way


I solved the problem by soldering wires to the USB PC board lands to a mini female USB. Works fine now.

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