Mavlink to uavcan - servo control commands

To implement the work on chassis control on the uavcan bus, we use the processing of uavcan_equipment_actuator_ArrayCommand, which the Cube transmits to the uavcan bus from the MAV_CMD_DO_SET_SERVO commands.
Data transmission occurs according to the settings of the corresponding servo channel, data from the range (1000: 2000), are translated into logical units of representation (-1: 1). We are working with this mechanism.

For additional control over the chassis, we want to add the uavcan_equipment_esc_RawCommand handling. But at the moment, the mathematics of the broadcast and the Malink command - is unknown.
Can you tell me the ID of the mavlink command and how the data in the uavcan_equipment_esc_RawCommand frame array will look from the input values ​​(1000: 2000) ?