MAVLink Pascal Unit

For developers interested, i pushed a Mavlink port to Pascal language at this PR

MAVLink Pascal Unit for APM communication.
Author: Hiroshi Takey, August 2016


Especial thanks to Andrew Tridgell, Randy, Lucas de Marchi, Gustavo José de Sousa and Ardupilot Team for
let me learn and show me the power of the API APM.

Thanks to Lorenz Meier to create and share Mavlink to the world.

MAVLink or Micro Air Vehicle Link is a protocol for communicating with small unmanned vehicle.
It is designed as a header-only message marshaling library. MAVLink was first released early
2009 by Lorenz Meier under LGPL license.

You can follow Mavlink project at


AS you see the code has no implemeted all helpers, but with this code you have all basic protocols to comunicate with APM.

I stopped development to here, because i discovered a new way to transport telemetry data side by side, and it’s will be release when URUS System development finish.
You will be updated about this if you want following the development at

All URUS System and new URUS Protocol will be a member project and a part of Ardupilot Development.


There is an example in example path to test te unit, it’s tested with Embarcadero RAD Studio Berlin in multidevice mode with windows and android.
I think the unit will work with LAZARUS with little modifications.

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Very nice work!
Do you plan to make a generator for that?