Mavlink message possible issue in latest dev master

Hi, it something was done to mavlink messaging since mid-december, it seems
I am asking here as well, as it is not likely anything Chibios related.

I just pulled in new master, then recompiled code, as usual, flashed it, and then during test i saw that all mavlink messages are gone in the OSD. everything works, all other OSD output is there, the only missing item was the content usually shown in the ‘OSD_MESSAGE_EN’ field. like, what it writes if refuses to arm, ‘SIMPLE MODE OFF’ or ‘SIMPLE MODE ON’ etc. messages.

i then flashed back code from 12/03 - and messages were back. then i flashed back new code - and saw messages again in the OSD, at that point i concluded it was my error, so went outside to test, and OSD has no messages again. it seems, now, that if i boot model from USB cord and connect to MP, then connect lipo to activate power and VTX - messages do work in OSD. if model is powered from lipo directly - then OSD does not show them. with 12/03 code it does not matter - it shows any message in any way - starting with cord or not.

it is on nano v6 FC - it has no sd card and no logging, not sure if it matters. does anybody know anything about this issue or can replicate? i do not know what exactly triggers it and on nano v6 there is nothing really that can help to troubleshoot it.

if anybody wants to test it on their nano v6 - here is the flash i have used:

Paul-I have reproduced this with Master (Arduplane) from yesterday. Boot from USB it’s good. Boot from battery, no messages. I didn’t notice this as I didn’t have messages turned on but on 1 screen I now do and see the same.

Thx, there is a bug report open now on that. Hope somebody will find what happened there. I tried to trace PRs but found zilch.

Please check if this is fixed in master now.

thx so much, i just tested - all is fine now.

Yes, Arduplane good too. Thanks Peter!