Mavlink, Crossfire, Mission Planner or Qgroundcontrol, Wifi - connecting it all together

I was wondering if anyone can help me out.
I upgraded my MicroTx V2 to the newest firmware for both the module and WiFi. Enabled Mavlink emulation and wifi hotspot. I am able to connect my laptop to my tx with wifi and connect both Mission Planner and Qgrouncontrol to the plane with both UDP and TCP protocols.
I get only some of the data flowing.
In MP I can monitor plane’s position on the map, and the arfificial horizon, roll and pitch values change properly. However when flying I get no altitude or speed readings.
Also when MP connects it cannot read the parameters, the small window just keeps trying to read the plane parameters without success.
While flying if I click on my laptop RTL for example nothing happens, plane doesn’t react to laptop input.

As for Qgroundcontrol I only get some data in the mavlink inspector, nothing else.

Any Idea what am I missing or doing wrong? I am using mavlink emulation, maybe I should go for ‘normal’ mavlink on a spare TX/RX uart?

The Mavlink emulation of the Crossfire goes only one way, from TX to Wifi. Bidirectional Mavlink is required for communication to the aircraft.

Okay, thanks. So what do I need to make it fully work with my laptop? A ‘normal’ Mavlink with a separate UART?
And will this emulation be enough to feed a tracker?


The closest result you can get ist to run MAVLink only.

You will still be limited by the available bandwidth of the air link.
I started using TBS Crossfire with the wish to get rid of the SIK-Radios and still have the same functionality.
If you reduce it to MAVLink1 (just 8 channels and other limitations etc.) it worked kind of but was never the same as a real SIK-radio. I was never able to load a mission or change parameters while flying in a reliable way.

With a Sik-radio loading a mission in flight is no issue.

Can you recommend a SIK radio that can safely (!) do 50 km or more?