MavLink command for verbal messages during mission

During a mission, some MavLink messages are verbalized - such as “GPS Glitch”. Or “Failing to level, manual tune may be required.”

It occurred to me that for situational awareness it might be handy to insert such a MavLink message in a mission. For example - messages that indicate what portion of the mission is complete.

I’m just curious if this has ever been discussed - or maybe it’s even tucked into a corner that I haven’t come across.


Those messages are not specific to mission, can be sent anytime.

Mission protocol does not support sending status text messages and I don’t think it should, GCS should do this job.

If you really want to send status text messages from autopilot in mission, you can use LUA scripting.
LUA scripting is capable of getting current mission item’s id and index.
Process them and create the text you want to sent to the GCS.
MP or other GCS’s (capable of TTS) will read out.
Of course those messages are quite BW consuming.

I absolutely agree that anyone who though such a feature had no value shouldn’t use it.

But that opinion shouldn’t determine it’s exitance - especially if others thought it had value.

It’s confusing to use the term “text message.” ArduPilot generates some MavLink messages that generate HUD displays an/or verbalization by ground control computers. I don’t know what these messages are called in ArduPilot parlance. About a dozen of them exist. And if it were possible to add one more at user discretion, I think it would be very useful.