Mavlink Basics

I am working on a project which requires me to send data to an arduino mega where in the arduino IDE I can read the roll, pitch, and yaw data in the serial moniter. Where I am at, I basically want to know how or at least where to look for documentation on how exactly the mavlink protocol works and how to use it to make the data gathered by my apm2.6 board read from my arduino as if the sensors were hooked up to the arduino. I am pretty new to playing with an apm board so if anyone has any additional information on some things that are good or necessary to read up on please let me know. My goal is to master this board communicating with an arduino

Visit the Mavlink website to get started. This will get you running in circle very quickly. Some of the links don’t work and QGround Control seems to take over in spots.

The big think is this is not a library of functions that you need to call but rather some inline code that you consume to read and build a message.

Start with this page at the bottom where is show the message structure:

Sample send and receive code is here: … n_tutorial

The basics are that as each character is received it is added until it makes a message which is returned to you.