MAVLink Acrobatic Scripting


My name is Dimitri and I’m from the University of Chicago, majoring in Computer Science. I’ve been building quadcopters since my senior year of high school. The first flight controller I ever used was ArduPilot flashed to a cloned Arduino Uno. :sweat_smile:

I’m a 250-class multirotor enthusiast (yay, PixRacer!), so I have a lot of fun zooming around, but I can’t do tricks like many gifted FPVers can. I’ve always struggled nailing a flip in real life, even after extensively flying in simulators. That got me thinking about adding ways to add whole routines so that my quad’s acrobatics need not be limited by my unskilled fingers, but rather which MAVLink commands are available.

I’m looking to incorporate this as part of my project proposal and would love to hear some thoughts!

Dimitri Vasilkov


This may interest @Leonardthall

Hi Dimitri,

Copter has flip mode although I’ve just found that it’s missing from our wiki page of flight modes.
I’m not sure using mavlink commands (sent from a ground station?) would work too well for flip but who knows…

Definitely looking forward to your submission in any case.