Maverick, unable to start dekstop

i´m unable to start pixel desktop using commands and or doing changes in localconf as stated in:

when enabling the setting and or applying ‘sudo systemctl isolate’, nothing happens.

otherwise, im so excited about this :blush:

Oh no! I must admit I hadn’t tested the recent stretch/pixel updated desktop. Is this the raspberry or raspberry lite image you’re using?

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regular raspberry. :slight_smile:

Ah. Balls. I might have produced the 1.1.5 full raspberry version by taking the raspberrylite image and applying the full profile, forgetting about the desktop :slight_smile:

I’ll have a quick think…

OK I’ve pushed a fix to master branch. If you change to master branch ( change to console mode first (sudo systemctl isolate, then run maverick configure, it should install and fire up the desktop. You can then change back to the stable branch for normal operation.

odd, have you tested it after the fix?
i changed to the master branch and ran the config. Still no-go on the desktop gui.

Yes, works great now for me. Did you do a maverick self-update after changing the branch, and change back to multi-user target before running configure? Did it at least install the desktop packages? You should see something like:

[dev] [mav@maverick-raspberry ~/software/maverick]$ maverick configure
Maverick - UAV Companion Computer System - Version 2.0.0-dev
WARNING: Maverick is using branch:master, not stable
Environment marker set and is being used to set maverick environment: dev
Maverick Environment:    dev
Proceeding to update system configuration - please be patient, this can take a while..
Notice: Compiled catalog for maverick-raspberry.home in environment dev in 39.03 seconds
Notice: /Stage[main]/Maverick_desktop/Package[xserver-xorg]/ensure: created
Notice: /Stage[main]/Maverick_desktop/Package[xinit]/ensure: created
Notice: /Stage[main]/Maverick_desktop/Package[raspberrypi-ui-mods]/ensure: created

1: “install” the image to the sd card
2: boot the raspbi with the sd card
3 change branch
4 run self-update (it says it´s using master branch)
5 run configure (it says it´s using master branch)

No, the desktop packages does not seem to be installed.

am i missing something? :slight_smile:

How odd!

Do you have "maverick_desktop::enable": true set in ~/config/maverick/localconf.json?

And in ~/software/maverick/manifests/maverick-modules/maverick_desktop/manifests/init.pp, can you see the new code?

# If raspberry platform, ensure pixel desktop is installed
        if $raspberry_present == "yes" {
            ensure_packages(["xserver-xorg", "xinit", "raspberrypi-ui-mods", "lightdm"], {'before'=>Exec["start-desktop-target"]})

The localconf setting should not matter though as i would be able to manually start pixel through target?

Yes, if you look at that manifest:

if $enable == true {
        # If raspberry platform, ensure pixel desktop is installed
        if $raspberry_present == "yes" {
            ensure_packages(["xserver-xorg", "xinit", "raspberrypi-ui-mods", "lightdm"], {'before'=>Exec["start-desktop-target"]})

The desktop package install only happens if that localconf "maverick_desktop::enable" is set to true. That’s deliberate, so that it doesn’t install the desktop packages on profiles (eg. raspberrylite) that do not want the desktop installed.

Oh! then i misunderstood the documentation. I thought that the setting was only to enable it at boot! :blush:

Well, yes you’re right I suppose! The enable parameter is usually only about service state in Maverick, so for consistency I’ve moved the install out to a separate parameter: "maverick_desktop::install": true

Thanks for the great feedback :slight_smile:


And FYI, the desktop gui now fires up. Thanks for a great little package!