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MAV_CMD usage help

(Robin Burger) #1

Hey guys.

i’m hoping that someone here could help me out.

First off, heres a brief overview of what im trying to accomplish:
I’m trying to get 2 pixhawks to communicate with one another. Only one of the pix’s will be connected to QGC

How i’m trying to do this:
what im trying to do is create a custom mavlink command which i will then ‘‘switch on’’ from QGC. This custom command will then tell the pix to send its own mavlink message to the second pixhawk. the 2nd pix will respond, etc etc.

OK, so what i’m trying to figure at the moment is the following:
*How can i edit the the commands listed in MAV_CMD (this is in ardupilotmega.h, also in common.h i think)?
*How exactly is MAV_CMD used? i cant seem to figure out where this function is used

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

(DonLakeFlyer) #2

I would suggest just used the DEBUG COMMAND_LONG instead of trying to create a new command which is somewhat involved. If you just need something simple you should be able to jam what you need into DEBUG or say DEBUG_VECT.