MATLAB Serial driver testing


I want to send MAVlink messages from MATLAB to SITL . Does anyone know how to send MAVlink messages to SITL , how to make the connection ?

I have the encode MAVlink messages . I see in the SITL software architecture they have mentioned we can make use of UDP and TCP port . But I don’t understand which address and port ? Or any website or GitHub link where I can get this information .

Not tested with MAVLink, but if there correctly encoded this should work.

edit: BTW we would love to have a MAVLink example

One more question , if I have to send MAVlink message from MATLAB to SITL , which is the basic MAVLINK message that needs to be sent to test the connection as whether data is sent from MATLAB to SITL or not ? Can we send Heartbeat message from MATLAB to SITL to test the connection? Or are there any other basic mavlink messages which is sent to test to see if the data is sent from MATLAB and recieved by sitl . How do I get the acknowledgement if data is recieved by stil or not.
It will be very helpful if you can help me answer this.

Heartbeat is probably the best place to start. You can connect more than one GCS, you should see the second heartbeat in your primary GCS. Mission Planner has a mavlink inspector in the cntrl + F menu.