Mateksys F405-WING Throttle Not Working

I am using a Mateksys F405-WING and I cannot get the motor to run. There is no output in the “servo output” page even when armed. It arms just fine and everything except for the throttle is working. I already did “Radio Calibration”. Any way to get this working?

Thanks, Oliver

What is SERVOn_FUNCTION (where n is the output channel for the throttle) set to? On a typical plane it should be 70 for the throttle channel, as described at Autopilot Output Functions — Plane documentation

Yep, that was it. I had it set to 33 (Motor 1). I find it kind of odd that it still didn’t work with Motor 1. Thank you so much.

Motor 1 to 8 (33-40) are for the vertical motors on a quad plane. Throttle is for the horizontal motor(or ThrottleLeft/ThrottleRight). It’s a little odd, but there needs to be a way to separate the two some how.

Don’t feel bad, I did exactly the same thing a couple weeks ago. :slight_smile: