Matek H743 wing v2 - ailerons backward?

I am very new to controllers. I have everything soldered and the board checks out and didn’t smoke. I get conformation on mission planner after connection. after calibration of accel, my ailerons are backward no matter how I calibrate. again I’m just a blind man walking through a maze.

Sorry for any misunderstand, but I’m not even up to configuring servos yet. I’m looking at the graphic on mission planner. up and down movements are correct, but a roll left gives me a right roll movement and vice versa. I calibrated per instructions. just dont know what to do to correct this.

Perhaps this wiki page will help:

Thanks for your response. My problem is not with servo setup. After flashing I I calibrated the board accelerometer. Watching the on screen display on mission planner, up and down are correct, when I roll right, the graphic rolls left and vice versa. I’ve tried recalibrating with no success. If you have advice it would be appreciated.

Sorry, I just assumed you were using servos to move the ailerons.

@knoxbj Does your artificial horizon look like this?

How have you got the board positioned? Is it facing the correct direction? You may need to adjust the AHRS.

I have front in direction of the V on the board, but I did try to calibrate in the opposite direction and had the same result.


I have recently calibrated this exact flight controller without issues. Are you sure you’re tipping it the right way when it says to tip it left and right? Maybe post a video of yourself doing the calibration and then showing the artificial horizon?

An artificial horizon can easily be misinterpreted. I have two Matek H743 boards (wing v2 and mini). Neither had the issue you describe.